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How to use a urinary sheath

Get help from a health care professional, or talk to your supervisor or care coordinator if:

  • the skin of the penis has tears or breaks
  • you can't remove the sheath.

Urinary sheaths or uridomes are an option for men with urinary incontinence who don't want to, or can't, wear pads. They fit over the penis like a condom and drain the urine into a drainage bag. They are often called condom drainage.

Read the man's care plan and only use the recommended sheath, as it has been chosen to suit the man. Don't use a sheath recommended for someone else.

The sheath can be:

  • self-adhesive - stick directly to the penis
  • non-adhesive - an adhesive glue is placed onto the penis or a double-sided strip of adhesive is placed around the penis and the sheath sticks to this.

Sheaths are attached to a drainage bag that is fitted to the man's leg. You can find information about how to attach a leg bag here.

How to put on a urinary sheath

How to remove a urinary sheath

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